Hebrew and more

Moti Argaman is a freelancer, serving global media and communication industry clients. He assumes tasks and assignments in the fields of Hebrew language, Jewish religion, as well as of the State of Israel and its related art, culture and tradition. 

The development of design projects and the realization of his own ideas are further aspects of his activities.

moti argamanBiography

Moti Argaman was born and raised in the historic center of the Israeli desert metropolis Beer-Sheva.

After having graduated in graphic design and communication, he travelled the world and lived in several countries, including the Netherlands, the United States, Canada and Morocco.

Today he lives and works in both, the West German town Bestwig, which is a part of the county of Hochsauerland, and in his home country Israel.


Moti Argaman has positioned himself as a professional for the complete range of Hebrew language services throughout the German speaking area. For more than 30 years he has been providing consulting, translation, interpretation, editing, facilitation, teaching and processing of media materials in Hebrew, English, and German.

For many years, his office has been managed and supported by his close partner Esther Ullrich. She help and support customers in terms of quality, service and flexibility.


Moti Argaman can most easily be contacted by email, most quickly by calling his landline or mobile phone, and most practically and conveniently via Skype. You may, furthermore, simply drop by for a visit at his place, Sommerkamp street 31, in the small village of Ramsbeck (municipality of Bestwig, county of Hochsauerland).